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Our Details

  • Company Name: GroundFocus
  • Location: Investment House Kantanta st, Kitwe, Zambia
  • Phone : +Phone: +27 7258 055 89
  • Mobile : Mobile: +27 7258 055 89
  • Email: Email:


The company’s core business is Geotechnical consultancy, Foundations (Piles), Civil Engineering works, and general structural maintenance (underpinning etc). Groundfocus Ltd is affiliated with Mopani copper mine as a supplier of produsts and services.


  • Mopani Copper Mines
  • Konkola Copper Mines
  • Zamtel
  • Local authorities

We have diversified into supply of Electrical and Hardware items, Mechanical installation works. We have been encouraged to pursue our supply since its has proved to be reliable and consistent in meeting our client’s needs. We have backup support from our principle suppliers who in terms of business enable us to pass on the benefit of lower rates to our client’s.


GroundFocus commands about 5 TO 10 percent of the market share.


Groundfocus has completed a number of projects ranging from different sources of work environments

  • Construction of Classrooms at Nkana Trust School. (MCM)
  • Bund walls for various critical Electrical transformers. (MCM)
  • Underpinning of Wuzakile mine hospital. (MCM)
  • Construction of the cobalt degassing sub-station plant. (MCM)
  • Construction of the cobalt loading bay. (MCM)
  • Construction of the classrooms at Nkana Trust School (MCM)
  • Construction of the classroom blocks (MCM)
  • Bwana Mkumbwa Mine: Construction of piles for stockpile vaults. (Bwana Mkubwa)
  • First Quantum Minerals:Geotechnical Site Investigations at Kansanshi Mines.
  • China Road and Bridge:Kitwe City Council Water System Rehabilitation project
  • Group Five (Zambia):Piles at SOB Shaft and other civil maintenance projects.
  • Konkola Copper Mines:Rehabilitation of Institution Houses in Chililabombwe.
  • World Vision International MCH - Clinic - Kakolo - January 2010
  • 1x3 Classroom block - Mibende - January 2010
  • GRZ - MoE 1x3 Classroom block - Milonfi School - Mpongwe